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Daiwa House

The Daiwa House Group symbol – the Endless Heart – represents our vision of building endless emotional connections with each and every one of our customers, as well as the solidarity of the Daiwa House Group. As a group that co-creates value for individuals, communities, and people’s lifestyles, we are working to create new values for the society.

Daiwa House Australia has a vision to develop masterplanned communities that enhance people’s lifestyles, bringing purpose and connectivity to the areas they inhabit. The company passionately aspires to build a better future for its customers by delivering communities and neighbourhoods that foster strong long-term emotional connectivity.

Our operations center in Sydney, and in 2015 we started a project involving the development and sale of apartments, commercial facilities, offices and retail space. In 2017, a company that had been engaged in the management of serviced apartments for the past thirty-five years in Australia and New Zealand joined the Daiwa House Group, and in 2019 was rebranded as Nesuto. In 2018 the Daiwa House Group was joined by Rawson Group Pty, Ltd., which is engaged in the single-family home construction and property development businesses in New South Wales.

All the companies of the Daiwa House Group will be working together to expand our business presence in this part of the world.

“Enriching lives around the world. Our never-ending challenge, together with the society, together with people.”

Flour Mill - Summer Hill

Flour Mill – Summer Hill

Tempo - Drummoyne

Tempo – Drummoyne

Ebina - Kanagawa (Odakyu Real Estate Co., Ltd.)

Tempo - Drummoyne


The Odakyu Group’s management principle encapsulates our roles and responsibilities towards our society through our businesses as well as our purpose as a corporate citizen in our society. The Group is committed to be a good partner with our customers, helping them make their precious time more comfortable and pleasant by creating and providing them with “irreplaceable times” that contribute to “rich and comfortable lifestyles”.

The company was founded in 1923 and started our railway business in Tokyo and Kanagawa, Japan. Over the past 100 years, we diversified our businesses to a variety of businesses closely lined with people’s everyday lives including real estate, merchandising and other lifestyle services. We also started land development business in Australia in 2018.

Odakyu has contributed to solving social issues in local communities through our businesses. Continuing to develop together with communities and creating community-based values, while aligning with people’s lifestyles is our unchanging approach to sustainably enhance Odakyu’s corporate value.

We will continue to expand our business in Australia and become a company that is further trusted by our customers and local communities.

Machida - Tokyo (Odakyu Real Estate Co., Ltd.)

Machida – Tokyo (Odakyu Real Estate Co., Ltd.)

Ebina - Kanagawa (Odakyu Real Estate Co., Ltd.)

Ebina – Kanagawa (Odakyu Real Estate Co., Ltd.)

Machida - Tokyo (Odakyu Real Estate Co., Ltd.)

Ebina - Kanagawa (Odakyu Real Estate Co., Ltd.)